Greeting, adventurers :)

Hi all, my name is Gotti and I will be moving to Vienna in September, for 6 months.
I am a rpg enthusiast, especially of “Discworld”, “D&D” and “Warhammer”. I love Dm-ing and I am looking forward to meet you guys both as a player as well as a DM.


One of us!

Welcome, looking forward to meeting you!

I would really enjoy some Warhammer games :wink:
Which edition do you play?

I played 2nd edition for a while and then DM it a few times. I also explored a little bit the 3rd edition :slight_smile:

I have a little experience with 2nd edition bit never ran a campaign - if you need a player just let me know.
Apart from that I like to worldbuild and draw maps and stuff ^^

Sure, I’ll see if I have something already prepared. At the moment I’m more focused in D&D. I am creating a home brew world to run campaigns and one shot :), but if you like drawing maps then we can meet one time and discuss because I’m really bad at it and I sure can use some help :slight_smile:

Sure thing - will you be at Spielbar the 28th?
We could meet early or so.

Unfortunately no, because I will move to Vienna in September.

Then let me know when u are around or if I have time i could send you some feedback or art to your homebrew :slight_smile: