Greenhorn like to play

Hello my name is Jim or Otto.

I am 20 years old and live in Traiskirchen.
I’ve been really interested in pnp’s for a while now. I have played with a few friends by now as a DM. Though there is fun involved everytime we play they never really roleplayed their characters. I am not sick of this but rather thirsty for some really invested people to play with, as a player for a change. I can imagine many people like myself would be interested in a smaller group like 4-5 players and the DM. Any place in a 2h range with public means will be a journey i will take on to play with some awesome people.
Btb i speak German and English, I feel really comfortable with either one,
and friday to sunday will be the days i can spare my time to roll some dice!

Come to Adventurers league! You might like it.

please guide me where to look for it. I am not sure

There will be a post here soon. We are doing it on Fridays at spielbar. Tersidian is organizing it)

I will keep my eyes open