Greatings to all

Hi there!
Started studying in Vienna recenlty, And I’ve been having an itch for trying some rpg, especially DnD recently :smiley:
Only had a brief stint with it some 6 years ago in uni. Hope you don’t mind some noobishness! I’ve been religiously watching Critical Role recently though, a twitch stream of some people playing 5e, it’s pretty entertaining, maybe you heard of it :wink:
Also been reading some of the Player Handbook while procrastinating preparing for my last exam. So I’m not entirely oblivious.
Maybe I’ll come check out the scene at the spielbar?

For now cheers everyone!

Hi Alex - why not drop in this evening?

I might actually!
The address is lederergasse 26, right?
What time you usually gather?
Thanks and cheers!

Usually around 19:00. See you there!