[Graz] Selling off my D&D official prepainted miniatures collection

Hello people,

I am looking to sell my entire D&D miniatures collection. They are all prepainted, official D&D minis form various WotC products offered throughout the years.

The price is negotiable but I only intend to sell the bulk collection, so I am sorry that I cannot offer to sell individual minis. I am located in Graz. Anyone interested can private message me.

A complete list including the miniature name, edition/product and quantity is given below. Upon request I can also provide an Excel file.


|1|Acheron Goblin|Blood War|2|
|2|Animated Statue|Desert of Desolation|1|
|3|Arbalester|Dangerous Delves|1|
|4|Aurak Draconian|Legendary Evils|1|
|6|Blood Scarab|Dangerous Delves|2|
|7|Bluespawn Ambusher|Night Below|3|
|8|Brass Dragon|Elemental Evil|1|
|9|Bryn Lightfingers|Monster Menagerie|1|
|10|Bugbear Berserker|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|11|Bugbear Gang Leader|Unhallowed|1|
|12|Bulette|Monster Menagerie|1|
|13|Bullywug Guard|Savage Encounters|2|
|14|Bullywug Mud Lord|Savage Encounters|1|
|15|Bullywug Thug|Deathknell|4|
|16|Caller in Darkness|Unhallowed|1|
|17|Caravan Guard|Angelfire|2|
|18|Celestial Dire Badger|Deathknell|1|
|19|Celestial Giant Stag Beetle|Blood War|1|
|20|Cloudreaver|War of the Dragon Queen|2|
|21|Corruption Corpse|Demonweb|2|
|22|Crazed Kuo-Toa|Demonweb|2|
|23|Deathlock (Promo 1)|DDM Promos|1|
|24|Deathlock Wight|Demonweb|3|
|25|Degenerate Cultist of Orcus|Against The Giants|1|
|26|Delver Sergeant|Night Below|6|
|27|Demogorgon|Classic Creatures|1|
|29|Doom Dreamer|Legendary Evils|1|
|30|Doom Fist Monk|War of the Dragon Queen|4|
|31|Doomguard|Blood War|2|
|32|Drow Adventurer|Demonweb|3|
|33|Drow Assassin|Demonweb|2|
|34|Drow Blademaster|Desert of Desolation |1|
|35|Dwarf Ancestor|Underdark|1|
|36|Dwarf Artificer|Deathknell|2|
|37|Dwarf Battlemaster|Starter Set '08|1|
|38|Dwarf Beguiler|Lords of Madness|1|
|39|Dwarf Shieldmaiden|Dungeons of Dread|1|
|40|Dwarf Sniper|Blood War|2|
|41|Dwarf Warlord|Dungeons of Dread|1|
|42|Earth Cult Warrior|Elemental Evil|1|
|43|Earth Elemental|Elemental Evil|1|
|44|Elf Warlock|Starter Set '08|1|
|45|Elminster of Shadowdale|Underdark|1|
|46|Ezmerelda d’Avenir|Monster Menagerie|1|
|47|Female Dragonborn Rogue|PHB Heroes|1|
|48|Female Elf Druid|PHB Heroes|1|
|49|Feral Troll|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|50|Fiendish Snake|Blood War|1|
|51|Fire Bat|Elemental Evil|2|
|52|Fire Cult Warrior|Elemental Evil|1|
|53|Fist of Moradin|Against The Giants|1|
|54|Forest Gnome Ranger|Elemental Evil|1|
|55|Forest Troll|Deathknell|3|
|56|Foulspawn Hulk|Legendary Evils|1|
|57|Foulspawn Mangler|Legendary Evils|1|
|58|Free League Ranger|Blood War|3|
|59|Frost Titan|Legendary Evils|1|
|60|Galeb Duhr|Against The Giants|3|
|61|Gargoyle|Heroes & Monsters|1|
|62|Gelatinous Cube|Desert of Desolation|1|
|63|Ghost|Monster Menagerie|1|
|64|Giant Centipede|Dungeons of Dread|1|
|65|Gnoll Fighter|Elemental Evil|1|
|66|Goblin Adept|Deathknell|2|
|67|Goblin Archer|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|68|Goblin Champion|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|69|Goblin Cutter|Tyranny of Goblins|2|
|70|Goblin Skullcleaver|Savage Encounters|2|
|71|Goblin Wolf Rider|Savage Encounters|2|
|72|Goblin Wolf Rider|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|73|Gold Dwarf Guard|Elemental Evil|2|
|74|Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant|Night Below|3|
|75|Grinning Imp|Demonweb|1|
|76|Guard of Mithral Hall|Night Below|6|
|77|Halfling Archer|Demonweb|2|
|78|Halfling Enchanter|Desert of Desolation|1|
|79|Halfling Slinger|War Drums|3|
|80|Halfling Sneak|Underdark|1|
|81|Hero of Valhalla|Blood War|1|
|82|Hieracosphinx|Elemental Evil|1|
|83|High Inquisitor|Unhallowed|1|
|84|Hobgoblin Archer|Night Below|1|
|85|Hobgoblin Marshal|Night Below|2|
|86|Hobgoblin Soldier|Tyranny of Goblins|2|
|87|Hobgoblin Sorcerer|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|88|Hobgoblin Talon of Tiamat|War of the Dragon Queen|1|
|89|Hobgoblin Warcaster|Demonweb|1|
|90|Hommet Shaw|Monster Menagerie|1|
|91|Horde Zombie (WF 2006)|DDM Promos|5|
|92|Horned Devil|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|93|Human Bandit|Demonweb|2|
|94|Human Outrider|Savage Encounters|1|
|95|Human Sellsword|Starter Set '08|1|
|96|Illydia Maethellyn|Monster Menagerie|1|
|97|Infernal Armor|Demonweb|4|
|98|Iron Dragon Prowler|Demonweb|1|
|99|Jarhild Stoneforge|Monster Menagerie|2|
|100|Kenku Warrior|Lords of Madness|2|
|101|Knight of the Chalice|Unhallowed|2|
|102|Kobold Champion|Rise of the Runelords|1|
|103|Kobold Devilspeaker|The Rusty Dragon Inn|1|
|104|Kobold Monk|Blood War|2|
|105|Kobold Slinger|Lords of Madness|1|
|106|Kobold Sorcerer|Aberrations|1|
|107|Kobold Trapmaker|Night Below|1|
|108|Kobold Wyrmpriest|Dangerous Delves|3|
|110|Lantern Bearer|Unhallowed|1|
|111|Larethar Gulgrin|Monster Menagerie|2|
|112|Large Chaos Beast|Night Below|1|
|113|Lolthbound Goblin|Demonweb|3|
|114|Magma Hurler|War of the Dragon Queen|1|
|115|Male Dwarf Paladin|PHB Heroes|1|
|116|Male Elf Ranger|PHB Heroes|1|
|117|Male Goliath Barbarian|PHB Heroes|1|
|118|Male Human Barbarian|PHB Heroes|1|
|119|Male Human Fighter|PHB Heroes|1|
|120|Man At Arms|Harbinger|2|
|121|Manshoon|Lords of Madness|1|
|122|Maug|Blood War|2|
|123|Mephling Pyromancer|War Drums|3|
|124|Merfolk|Monster Menagerie|1|
|125|Minotaur Thug|Legendary Evils|3|
|126|Minotaur Warrior|Demonweb|1|
|127|Mountain Troll|War of the Dragon Queen|1|
|128|Nightwalker|Giants of Legend|1|
|129|Ogre Mage|Classic Creatures|1|
|130|Orc (1/10)|Classic Creatures|1|
|131|Orc (2/10)|Classic Creatures|1|
|132|Orc|Monster Menagerie|1|
|133|Orc Archer|Lords of Madness|1|
|134|Orc Brute|Giants of Legend|1|
|135|Owlbear|Elemental Evil|1|
|136|Owlbear|Classic Creatures|1|
|137|Purple Worm|Classic Creatures|1|
|138|Regdar, Adventurer|D&D Basic Game 2004|2|
|139|Rime Hound|Lords of Madness|1|
|140|Sahuagin (3/10)|Classic Creatures|1|
|141|Sahuagin (4/10)|Classic Creatures|1|
|142|Salamander|Deadly Foes|1|
|143|Satyr|Monster Menagerie|1|
|144|Savage Minotaur|Savage Encounters|1|
|145|Shadar-Kai Warrior|Lords of Madness|1|
|146|Skeletal Archer|Angelfire|1|
|147|Skeletal Reaper|Blood War|1|
|148|Slaad Spawn|Legendary Evils|1|
|149|Snaketongue Cultist|Desert of Desolation|1|
|150|Solar Angel|Elemental Evil|1|
|151|Soldier of Bytopia|Blood War|3|
|152|Specter|Monster Menagerie|1|
|153|Spellstiched Hobgoblin Zombie|Deathknell|2|
|154|Standard Bearer|Giants of Legend|1|
|155|Stormclaw Scorpion|Lords of Madness|1|
|156|Svirfneblin Rogue|Elemental Evil|1|
|157|Tavern Brawler|War of the Dragon Queen|2|
|158|Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus|Demonweb|1|
|159|Tiefling Warlock|Dungeons of Dread|1|
|160|Tordek, Dwarf Champion|War of the Dragon Queen|1|
|161|Trebuchet|Lords of Madness|1|
|162|Trihorn Behemoth|Lords of Madness|2|
|163|Troglodyte|Elemental Evil|1|
|164|Troglodyte Brute|Demonweb|3|
|165|Troglodyte Curse Chanter|Demonweb|1|
|166|Troll|Classic Creatures|1|
|167|Valenar Nomad Charger|Blood War|1|
|168|Vampire|Monster Menagerie|1|
|169|Vampire Spawn|Deathknell|1|
|170|Village Priest|Angelfire|1|
|171|Voice of Battle|Deathknell|1|
|172|War Ape|War of the Dragon Queen|3|
|173|Warforged Artificer|PHB Heroes|1|
|174|Warforged Battle Champion|Demonweb|1|
|175|Warforged Wizard|Deathknell|1|
|176|Warrior Skeleton|Curse of Undeath|1|
|177|Water Elemental|Elemental Evil|1|
|178|Wild Elf Raider|Angelfire|3|
|179|Wild Elf Warsinger|Unhallowed|3|
|180|Witchknife|War of the Dragon Queen|4|
|181|Wolf|Tyranny of Goblins|1|
|182|Wolf Spider|Elemental Evil|1|
|183|Young Green Dragon|Starter Set '08|2|
|184|Young Volcanic Dragon|Lords of Madness|1|
|185|Yuan-Ti Swiftscale|Starter Set '08|2|
|186|Zhent Cavalry|Lords of Madness|1|

that looks like an awesome collection!

good luck in finding a buyer (it might be a good idea to give a negotiation base/starting point)

Thank you! Considering the price of individual minis currently, corrected for the appropriate bulk buying discount, I was hoping to get about 1600 EUR for the lot.