Goodbye and Thank You

As some of you may be aware, due to work I am leaving Vienna next week after four great years here. I’ve enjoyed my time in Vienna, and most of that is due to this community, who has provided excellent friendship and gaming, and even tolerated my GMing, so thank you all.

I plan to go to a bar Saturday night (8ish) for some drinks for anybody who wants to say goodbye (not sure about exactly time and place yet, things are a little dependent on other things).

I’m not going far - after a few months back in the UK I’ll be moving to Prague (in June), so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to Vienna occasionally (especially for the tournament), and anyone who wants to visit Prague is welcome.

Thank you all again for making my time here so enjoyable.


Tak mal tiak, mal we’ia, chel nok !

For anyone interested in a drink Saturday night the plan is roughly 20:30 at the Highlander pub in Garnisongasse, behind the Votivkirche (warning - there are two bars in Vienna called the Highlander).