Good evening everybody

I just recently moved to Vienna to study at the University, and found this forum by chance. I’d be happy to meet some people that share my passion for roleplaying, since my previous groups all fell apart after people started moving and studying elsewhere.

I haven’t played in way too long a time, and would like to find a group that comes together sometimes, even just for occasional oneshots. In addion i hear there is a weekly meetup at the SpielBar, and I hope I get the time to meet and greet y’all there!



See you soon at the Spielbar hopefully

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Welcome to our Party. :wink:

We’ll happily take you in and I’m excited to meet you in person.


Any games in particular you have experience with or want to try?
Any experience on the GM side of the screen?

@Simon I have a little experience with DSA, otherwise I pretty much just played homebrew stuff. In addition to the occasional one-page oneshot experiments I have a little experience in GMing a fresh system of my own - no idea if it’d work with players other than my usuals tho…

I’d be happy to try anything you throw at me!

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