Good day everyone


My name is Raphael, I am 21 and always had a keen interest in RPG, although due to lack of players in my home area, I was always restricted to playing using online services like roll20. Now that I have moved to Vienna I hope to change that and actually get some live experience. I also appreciate the additional benefit of being able to hone my english skills, while also partaking in one of my favourite pastimes.

I have been playing RPGs for several years now, although in regards to dungeons and dragons I am still a bit of a newcomer. I am looking forward to meeting you and have a nice day.


People here are welcoming. Ill be happy to meet you at our games.

Also nice to see a AoE 2 Paladin.


Players are always welcome, no matter the level of experience.

Hope to see meet you on one of our tables.

Welcome friend! Can’t wait to be back in Vienna to meet up. And DAT AoE 2 Paladin :heart_eyes: