Gloomhaven! for newbies and experienced

Hello fellow gamers! I played Gloomhaven for the past few weeks and am really looking forward to every occasion.

For those new: Rpg with classes to level up, a story to choose and fun for weeks… And even months. A lot of depth and planning for each dungeon.
More details :

Although its optimistic to ask for groups immediately, id like to see how many are interested. Beware: one round can take up to 2 or 3 hours. Ill be happy to join u on one of those night at SpielBar.

*Next :slight_smile:

ah the “most hyped game on boardgamegeek” ^^

some friends of mine play it and they like it alot
I just dunno … my guess would be it would be to big to carry it to Spielbar
the box is kinda bulky :wink:

I definitely would be interrested. It’s just that I usually won’t be able to come on thursdays. ^^

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