Giving away terrain and stuff

I made a bunch of styrofoam terrain and some silly clay figures.
Since im going to leave austria i wont take them with me and i would throw them away if no one wants them. So if anyone is interested, they are free to a good home.
Im also giving away some acrylic paint, Fimo, Hot Wire cutting tool and all sorts of bits and bobs i used to craft my mediocre stuff.

I would love to adopt these!

I have been looking at making my own (maybe getting a 3D printer, but the tutorials from Wyloch and Black magic craft look awesome -I don’t know if you know these?) but that’d be a great start for me!

So, I’d be delighted!

Well i could make an open house kind of deal. everyone who wants some comes and grabs what they want :smiley:

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I also need to get rid of some gaming books since they are fairly heavy for customs (i mean i would love to make a tiny bit of money from those books but in the end i need to get rid of them)

Man, this is good stuff :slight_smile: are you going to take the green Aristo mat with you? If you are not, I would humbly declare my interest for it. An open house sounds great btw :wink:

List, please? Thanks!

I would also love to look through all that stuff.
Especially the paints would be of interest to me atm.

I’d potentially be interested in some books, could you write a list of which ones you have? :slight_smile: also the Terrains you crafted look really cool!

Those are them books.

If them’s them books, I’d be interested in the D&D and 7th Sea stuff if you’re absolutely sure you don’t want to take them with you. PM me a price? Thanks!

Also, that terrain is absolutely fantastic. How long did that take you? Wow.

I almost forgot, i cant bring these with me at all. So for those who dont know. First thing is a bunch of tiles, the bestiaries are cardboard cutout minis. Hundreds per box.

Oh i´d love to keep all that stuff but im not willing to pay more than i have to in customs. I kinda didnt save up enough for that sort of deal.

The terrain wasnt hard to make or even took that long. Just get a handheld styrofoam cutter and go wild. Then coat it black and then just smudge whatever colour you want on top of that. For the Castle Gey Skull DM screen it took me about 10 to 15 hours in total.

In addition to the cool terrain and homemade stuff I’d be interrested in the DnD Books too. If you have a price I’d be curious about it. :smile:

So does this mean all of us meet up at your place and we’ll help you sort out your stuff? ^^

Hi, I am too interested in the DnD books (mainly the Players Handbook, if its still available). Please send me your price and the place, where I could pick it up.

H wants to get -more- than one book for a single RPG system. That’s a first :smiley:

I’d also be interested in the books (monster manuals, handbooks or guides). could you PM me a price?

So i think i know what i will do.
I will do a kind of flea market in my tiny flat on a day i dont know yet (work schedule related) for a set amout of time. Everyone interested in stuff can come over and buy what they want. For the terrain ill do a pay what you want kind of deal. So 0 euros is also an amount for that stuff.

I´ll need a few more days to sort out what other stuff i could offer since we are drowning in normal books and board games aswell.

At least that is the plan if people seem interested in that sort of thing.


Sounds great :smiley:

Sounds good

I also have an Interest in all the DND Books, the Pathfinder stuff and maybe the Terrain. Looking forward to the flea market :slight_smile:

Just let us know when and where :wink:
And btw i would love to get the hot wire cutting thing :smile: