Geek shop in Vienna for your purchases?

Hello everybody,

For starters, I would like to thank you all for being so welcoming, fun and helpful!

I’m new to the dnd world and pretty new to Vienna itself. As I was attending the meet last Friday, I was going through the Player’s Handbook and it had a lot of useful information mainly on how to create your character. I already have the general idea and got some inspiration for my character but, the book itself definitely caught my interest and I would like to buy one and maybe some other dnd related gear for games. For starters, of course, the book and a set of dice. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there is enough material online but, I really liked how the book explained things and I want to make sure that I know my options when I start out - this is how I always conquer my self-esteem problems :slight_smile:

Is there a shop here in Vienna that is your favorite and would sell everything in one spot? Or do you order everything you need online? Or some stuff in one place and some other stuff in other place? Please share your ideas.

P.S. Apologies if there was a topic like that but, I was not able to find it via search.

personally i’d recommend Planet Harry and Sirengames

but tbh i’m not sure if either has the books available in english without ordering

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Siren Games has a much bigger selection of chessex (plastic) dice sets to choose from, but Planet Harry’s dice are cheaper by around 2€.

For the books, I was at Planet Harry two weeks ago, unfortunately they did not have a DMG or PHB available, neither in English nor in German, but they said they’d already ordered them. At Siren Games the books were available. I don’t know tough if Planet Harry’s books would have been cheaper.

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What I like about Siren Games that you can check before on their webpage is an item is available. You can also order for pick-up in the shop and pay when you pick-up. Therefor I end up there most of the time, also I’m living around the corner.


As much as I love Planet Harry, they do price their PHB at 50Euro vs Amazon’s 35Euro and I find it hard to justify that to my wallet >.< They do offer a great selection of board games, individual dice and things of that nature though :smiley:

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Hmm, I didn’t see it being 35 before but, now I find it on one website in UK. I will just visit the shop and see whether I want to wait or get it immediately :smiley: Thanks everyone, that is definitely useful and I will check out both shops!

Planet Harry has done an enormous amount for the local gaming communities over the years, both board gaming and role-playing. It’s entirely possible that without Planet Harry, this group would no longer exist in this form. Besides, Harry is good people.

Amazon, on the other hand, has a lengthy history of issues relating to its treatment of employees, consumers and publishers.

I’m all for saving a buck, but PH provides value beyond the games they sell. And if you do wind up choosing to buy online, please try to find somewhere else to buy than Amazon. Cheers!

Fair point!

Siren should have books and adventures in English - But like Patrick said just check the website

Books are difficult due to Buchpreisbindung and shit like that.

But if you’re looking at games instead of books, Planet Harry very often has a better price than any vendor on amazon!

Buchpreisbindung luckily only applies to german books.