Gauging interest

Happy new year, all. And since this time of year is all about making plans, I’ve been thinking about a few things I’d like to run at some point and wanted to gauge whether there’s any interest…

A Civil War (The US one) adventure for Call of Cthulhu. (This one’s definite, and should happen sometime in January)

An old school D&D game, either Basic or 1st ed. Dungeons, torches, traps, silver pieces … party like it’s 1981.

An old school DSA (or - gasp - Midgard) game for non-German-speakers. Consider it immersing yourself in the local culture, kind of like trying Nierdl mit Ei at a Beisl. Or something like that.

More Trail of Cthulhu.

A Blowback mini-campaign.

MERP? Might be fun with the Hobbit out. (Or part of it, anyway.)

Another Action Castle-ish game, for beer & pretzel fun.

Anyway, just some things that have been bouncing around in my head. Any interest in playing any of those in the coming months?

I’d be interested in pretty much all of the suggested games :slight_smile:

!akk if these sound good for me too!


Well, you guys are a whole lot of help in narrowing things down… :stuck_out_tongue:

Action CASTLE! :smiley:

(of the other stuff… old-school D&D, if anything :wink: …probably not gonna have time enough to enter anything more lengthy than really sporadically, though)

I’d definately be up for another Action castle like game :smiley:

As for the Cthulhu game, any idea how long-running it’ll be?

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d also be happy to sit down to another game!

Good question, I probably should have said. This would be a one-shot. I’m waiting to hear back from someone in order to set a date.

Trail would either be one-shot as well or an occasional series. (If the latter, it may well be Bookhounds-inspired.)

The fantasy stuff could be anything from one-shots to an informal campaign.


The civil war thing sounds super cool. Don’t really know a lot about that era (that’s not from some movie or another) but I imagine it to be quite scary as it is. Add some cthulhoid horrors and you’ll have to escort me home after playing! Sounds great to me :smiley:

And whatever this Blowback game is, I’d be up for that as well!

I just saw this thread and

[quote=“Auburney”]Action CASTLE! :smiley:[/quote] or something of the style I’d like to try again, yeah :slight_smile:

  • old school D&D sounds great

All sound good - old-school D&D sounds cool, or Action Castle.