Gaming resolutions

I’ve never been hugely enthusiastic about new year’s resolutions, so in typically inconsistent fashion, here are some things I’d like to do this coming year:

Play Sherpa the way it was meant to be played. In the woods. Seriously, we’re doing this.

Kick off an anthological old school fantasy campaign.

Yes, Thopthes, finally launch 23.

Solve the unified gaming theory puzzle. (More on this in a bit.)

Track down Neil, even if I do have to go to Bhutan.

And possibly run another tournament.

Happy 14, everyone!

Old school fantasy campaign? you can count me in!

roleplaying over rollplaying…yes please!
I’d like to finally get a Call of Cthulhu one-shot/campaign/20 minutes of terror-followed-by-a-new-blank-character-sheet session in (maybe even be a keeper for one of those!)

FATE/Fudge…I like the sound of that!

oh and maybe even meet one of the single-lettered members of this forum…

2014, no excuses!

Well, one of my resolution for 2014 is to try to stop stealing the DM seat so much…

That might be a bit difficult because there is so many games I’d like to try (and presumably run):
- Continue the Pendragon campaign, of course
- Fiasco
- That game in French I promised to H and Tam
- Reve de Dragon; a French game but that I’d play in English
- Les milles marches; another French Game and a special request…
- A game using the One Roll System.
- I also have an idea of a long term game where people would be playing the leaders of a small people… Maybe using the One Roll System (that’s why I read that rulebook in the first place)… I am not sure, I also don’t want to over-extend myself running too many campaign…
- Another game using a system I have been thinking about… I’d need to write up a one shot though maybe even write down something…

And, as I said; let other have fun in the DM seat too…

Old school, huh?

My resolution is to show up more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Play more games
Maybe try to gm once more
Hmm and maybe to finally meet neil and h since both seem nice guys but we never meet xD
Oh and try the spielbar once

The first one for me was to register and say hello here…

Let’s say that I will come around one thursday, and play a little more this year… finger crossed !

Play Sherpa the way it was meant to be played. In the woods. Seriously, we’re doing this.[/quote]
I’m game. I suggest the woods near burkittsville. :smiley:


As for my gaming resolutions: I prefer 1920x1080. :ugeek:

TBH though:
Run a few pathfinder one shots - maybe one or the other campaign if people would be interested.
Get hold of Frakkin’ Epic and run one or the other game.
And…win another tournament :mrgreen: