Games in the Park II: Traveller

Anybody up for Traveller this weekend?

For those unfamiliar, Traveller is awesome. You can actually die in character creation and …

Wait, I’m not selling this very well, am I? Let me try again:

Traveller is awesome. Stats are in hexadecimal, and the rules include non-linear equations!

What, still not sold? OK, fine:

It’s the game Firefly is based on. Everybody loves Firefly, right? Who’s in?

Sounds fun, I’m in.

Looks like this was too short-notice to reach critical mass. (Either that or the dying in character creation thing.) We’ll try agan some other time.

Have a great weekend, irx!

Sorry, wasn’t around (also won’t be in Vienna next week, either).
But otherwise, sounds good!

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