Gamer but P&P newb incoming ^^

Hi everyone! My name is Danny, I’m 23 y/o, born in Wr.Neustadt but I live in Vienna for 13 years now.
My girlfriend moved in with me a few weeks ago and we’re both gamers/nerds. We love fantasy/sci-fi and we both wanted to try p&p games for a long time, so I searched online and found this community.
I’ve read that there are usually meetings on thursday at Spielbar and also wanted to ask how long these meetings are normally because I work at afternoon/night so I get out of work at 22pm most of the time.
Anyways I’m looking forward to get to know all of you and I hope that despite my limited time I can make it to a few of the meetings.

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Greetings @Urchulack and welcome to our community!

Although these one-shot games on Thursday probably might not fit to you, as these mostly finish around 23:00 or earlier; but you should still check the forum, as nowadays many groups just forming up for a campaign with different timing - maybe you find a suitable group for your working hours.

Still, if you have a free night (like bank holidays or so), feel free to join to us with your girlfriend, whenever you can! We’re always glad to meet with new people.

Thank you @S_journ ^^

Yeah I thought that it would most likely be too late. Maybe we find someone who is willing to form a beginners group on weekends since we have zero experience.

Welcome @Urchulack! I also recently joined the forum and look forward to some p&p games.

I just wanted to chime in and say that I’d love to attend some weekend beginner’s session as I’m a newbie myself, though we’ll need some willing veteran to couch us.

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Yeah that would be awesome ^^
We visited spielbar last Sunday to see how it looks and it’s really nice ^^
We didn’t find anyone to play p&p but we did find a group playing werewolves which was also quite cool

p&p open game meetups usually are at thursday (with their own thread each week)

as for a regular game with a beginner’s session, you could try to arrange something in the #arrange-a-game board