Gamemaster for a 6 men run

Tomorrow, will be my first time as a Gamemaster for 6 persons. Has someone experience in large roleplay groups and want to share advice? Im kinda nervous!

… Wish me luck!

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6 people isn’t that big of a group. Don’t worry, you can do it!

Just try to keep your cool when multiple people start asking questions at the same time. Queue them up and deal with them one at a time :slight_smile:

Tell us how you think you managed?

my 2cents that might help is rolling the to hit dice and damage dice all at once.

And if people take forever to take their turns begin to give them a set amount of time.

It was a lot fun, still sometimes a mess. But for 6 non experienced roleplay player I’m kinda proud of them! ^3^

Btw I used a selfmade system - I guess that made the hole run a lot easier cause it’s a pretty simple concept. ^^

(… however,… at the end, they decided to kill each other? I laughed a lot.)

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