Yes, it’s such a cliché and every board as a thread like this, but I like a good laugh/giggle.

View at your own risk for brain damage: … tZP_okMyo#!

And, geek romance: … core/22528

Not RPG related but also geeky:

And there are surprisingly many about if you would kill your loved one if he/she turned into a zombie.

I don’t know what they are talking about, this is why we ARE the cool kids: … ings/23334

If they have to say that a 20-sided die is called a d20, geeks probably aren’t the target audience here…

Don’t forget your pants, really: … ing-pants/

Hurm, I find pants just get in the way of compelling DMing…

I like watching sports, and therefore didn’t need convincing, but I just love this:



5 minutes… That’d be about 50 rounds… so, probably a good deal longer than 3 hours…

Very true…But imagine how long it’d be if Peter Jackson was your DM… :smiley:

Yeah. And then, half the session would be about what he imagines his neighbors’ character would have done if he’d joined the campaign.

He’d have cool minis, though, with an awesomely painted Dragon he bought on EBay…


Just stumbled upon this: Texts from Superheroes


A friend of mine just found this…
I guess we can replace D&D with Pathfinder… still works.

Yeah, it’s been around awhile, like this movie: