Fun(gal) V.A.L.U.E

flexible - 16/17 lv Sorlock, L20 Evoker or Artillerist

I can definitely DM a tier 1 but we’d need one additional player

I’m happy with whoever would DM, but let’s hope there’s one more person showing up

Coming for the crystalline city dming. Ill try to be earlier, but most likely will just be on time.

I mean…I could make it to your T1 session. Do you accept Thief Rogues?


It’s an inclusive space ^^

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I once again plan on showing up, think I’ll probably just bring a character of every tier, and might have a small something low Tier (T1 maybe 2) to run in case we need more dms

What about ostentatious cats though? :upside_down_face: If so, I have it on excellent authority that one particular feline is highly sympathetic to the idea of gracing the worlds with his presence come Friday :cat2:


You can count me in, if you don‘t mind

Me and +1 would be there to play T1 if there is still space left for 2 people


seems to be pretty full
edit:… we might take up to +1 more

:cat2: & :sun_with_face: likely have to split tables anyway (or :supervillain: dms)

thanks :slight_smile: :point_down: @alli.b

Cat & I can always split and each have a table… so unless it’s an amount of tables issue. it should work.

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ugh … just got “invited” to a meeting tomorrow afternoon … so probably won’t make it after all :frowning:


It’s usually more of a chair issue though…

would like to join your table with a fresh T1 character :slightly_smiling_face: if there is a free spot left


Beauty in distress :smiling_face_with_tear: Can anyone help me level up Wee (Deep Gnome Druid) before the game today? :pray:t2:

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Sure, I’ll try to be there a bit early!

I’ve played… many druids :sweat_smile:

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I will be there early as well. Can’t imagine getting a better help with druids than asking @Vishous

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I’ve played… many druids :sweat_smile:

Not sure if serious or… :grin:

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