Friday is Adventure (League) time

Since I couldn’t make it to AL for so long I would also join a group if possible as a player. Just let me know if there is still enough space :slight_smile:

if i’m not mistaken we have 14 people coming so far (with 3 of those 14 being possible dms with an adventure prepared)

I don’t think I can make it tomorrow, but if I can I would like to play. I want to take a break from DMing because I haven’t played in months. In case someone else wants to come for sure, they can have my spot of course, I don’t want to reserve a spot for a maybe.

didn’t count you as a possible dm this time :smiley: but me, resil and mulog (in order of appearance in thread) all said they’d be able to dm

hey can i still join as a player today?

It looks like I won’t be able to make it after all… Have a fun evening though!

yes you can

and sorry to read that Titus … see you next time :slight_smile:

I can DM. Tier 1, new players welcome. Probably there around 18:30
See you later!

should I have a character made by the league rules ?
and is guildmasters guide to ravnica allowed in the league.

Yes, by the league rules.
And no, Ravinca is not yet allowed.

you can bring a character, depending on when you show up we might have time to create one, and i’ll also usually have a couple of pregens on me (AL allows you to change anything about your character except the name until you reach level 5)

also Ravnica technically is allowed in AL but only for Eberron AL … we (so far) only host Forgotten Realms AL

Long night at the lab today… Might be able to be there around like 19:30? Would love to continue on from last week. If my cells decide to be shitty I’ll be there next week!

I would like to join as a player
But i have not played AL bevore so i made a char on the basic rules, will I have to change sonething?

Spielbar as always?

Turns out I won’t be able to make it :frowning:
Have fun!

I am sorry to cancel at such a short notice, but I can’t make it today either.
Have fun this evening

well it was fun dming CoS (and not kill anyone in the process)

i’ll start a short info thread on the campaign where important stuff (like the card reading the group got) will be posted

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