Friday AL @ 1070, death is in the air - you know because nobody looks up! :P



Me and a friend will also join this Friday. Both with a T1 lvl 3 Char.


I’ll be there and will most likely bring a friend (both T1)


I will come, continuing DMing Hoard of the Dragon Queen (LVL 1-8) and bringing T1 and T2 chars in case there are not many players.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


I would like to join a game if it’s possible. I have a tier 1 warrior.


I will bring a t1 character.


I will come too and bring a t1 and t2 character.


I’ll be there with my tier 2 Ranger, ToA if possible.


I would love to continute DM, but unfortunately I have a social commitment (terrible, I know) that can’t be avoided. Have fun, everyone!!


Will come as t2


Seems like I will be making it today too after all. Bringing my +1.
T1 both. :v:


Will come with a T1 lvl 3.


Will bring me, myself and my T1.


Will bring a T1 char at lv2


Hi Everyone!

Today is the day! @Tersidian are you DMing a table?

I’ll be bringing by Tier 1, lvl 2 Characrer (finally)! Looking forward!



So I am counting 30 people.
I assume that all tier 2 players will be at Rene’s table for ToA since it is so very deadly:

  • Rene
  • Hamer
  • Shadow
  • HDGames
  • ThatGuyTed
  • TitusAndronicus

That leaves 24 people including 3 DMs (Toni, Babybonkers and mulog (myself)). That would mean that all the pure T1 tables are full.
So if somebody else could also DM tier 1 (looking at dear @Resil, maybe you can recycle something?) that would be amazing. Especially since it is Babybonker’s first time and it would probably be nicer to give them not a full table.

So technically 2 spots remaining.

Btw: Everyone who has fought Elemental Evil at my table will get preference (I believe: Cyan+1, Martin+1, DanDan, Bitfox, Resil).


Unfortunately something came up very short notice and I won’t be able to make it tonight… sorry and have fun!


“Nobody looks up” is just so 2016 Tournament. These days we’ve moved on to “Nobody clicks on links.” :grinning:

Have a great time, everybody, and watch out for those ceiling traps!


hopefully there will be room for all to play today :slight_smile: are there allways 30+ players playing AL every week?


I think it was that many during the last few weeks.


have fun my lovelies <3