Friday @ 1070 about 4 months left in the season, let's make it count! :D

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

If you plan on being there please announce yourself and tell us what you are bringing, so if you plan to DM please tell us what Tier of adventure it will be, if you plan on playing what Tier of character it will be (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 17-20)

For new players: you can either create a character according to the ALPG found here , be there early so one of the more experienced players/DMs can help you create one of your own

I would prefer to play a T1 character this time around, but i’ll probably have a T1 adventure prepared just in case.

I like to the join the first time with a lv1 drow ranger.

I’d like to come as a T1 (lvl 4) player.

I can DM something for Tier 1 :slight_smile:

I will be there dm ToA (lvl1-11 prefer t2 chars)

I’ll return too. Tier 1 or 2 player. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there with T2 (lvl 6) and T1 (lvl 1)

Ill probably DM Dungeon of the Mad mage again. T2

I’ll be there as a player. Would love to play at resil’s again with my t2 lvl 5 cleric. mad mage was hella fun last week. But i’ll bring a t1 lvl 1 just in case

Won’t be coming the next two Weeks as this week we are at a birthday Party and next week we are in Budapest. Hope to make it the week after!

I am in as usual, T2 fighter (now lvl 10) for the ToA table

I’ll return as Thalas (T1, Lvl3)
(preferably to a table with a) no plant life whatsoever, or b) masses of plant life to exterminate xD)

if you post something like this you really ought to recap what made you say this, i’m sure others would enjoy reading that :smiley: (i dmd it and still would enjoy reading it from your perspective :smiley: )

I second that! Please @Tiero, tell us more :blush:
It makes me want to run Bounty in the Bog again. There are certainly some mean plants in there… :wink:

As for next Friday, I plan to return as well. I would prefer to play (tier 1 or 2) but I will try to prepare the conclusion to our Elemental Evil storyline with Boltsmelter’s Book (DDEX2-16), which is a long 4 hour adventure so I would aim to run it in two sessions, especially since our last 4 hour adventures felt a bit rushed imho. Otherwise I can always re-run one of the previous adventures.
If I get to play I would love to be at @Lup‘s table since I never experienced them as a DM :heart:

Full disclaimer (if I DM): We are expecting a child soon so there is a slight chance that I will have to get up and double dash to the hospital in case the baby rolls initiative during the session. Keep that in mind if you decide to play at my table. Play at your own risk.


Also preferably in a colder climate, so Pork the bugbear doesn’t have to shave off all of his fur again.

I don’t know if I can make it this week (got other plans in case the weather is good enough). In case I’m there, I could continue HotDQ or play a T1/2 character.

Hi! A friend of mine and I are coming with T1 characters and we’re complete newbies :smiley:

I’ll be there with my T2 lvl5 ranger :slightly_smiling_face:

So far we have 3 DMs (Paul, Rene, and myself) and 12 players (including @Tersidian and @mulog, what a rare treat!), so that would work very nicely. @mulog you can definitely play at my table, but don’t set your expectations toooo high :wink:

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yeah but Paul and Rene both are dming T2 content, so you can’t exactly count them both, as we most likely will only get 1 full T2 table (at least if we don’t get enough players to need more than 3 DMs)