Fresh off the boat

Hey all,

I just moved here from Australia, going to be here several years and don’t want to go that long just gaming over the net. I’ve only been here a week, speak enough German only to tell people I don’t speak German, and am still living in temporary accomodation.

So of course I thought I’d better not delay in the important business of gaming :smiley:

I have played many things over the years, am planning on continuing to GM my Aberrant game via video as soon as I can get my kid into childcare, and recently got back into 40k too. I play boardgames, and have also DM’d many things in my time, most recently a 3 year long campaign of 4th ed D&D.

I see that Pathfinder seems pretty popular round these parts, never played it but played a fair bit of 3E back in the day so I get the basics. I might also be persuaded to run something if there was enough interest and a venue.

So hi, hope to see some of you about.

Hey welcome!
If you’re interested in a pathfinder group - we’re looking for another player. Campaign is ‘Kingmaker’ ( Currently 4th level)

Also, if you’re looking for the occasional indie game check out the general rpg discussion section

Welcome to the boards.

If you are interested in trying Pathfinder, the next session of the weekly role-playing grab bag, will be Pathfinder…

Welcome Widdershins!

Make yourself comfy, I hope you’ll find a group that suits you :slight_smile: