Free Vacuum Cleaner

As part of gridshadow’s legacy, I have a vacuum cleaner to give away. Works, but needs a UK adapter, which is both easy to find and cheap. Free to a good home, whether you’re new to Vienna and haven’t had a chance to outfit your flat yet, or are simply a collector of fine cleaning devices.

It is red.

Let me know if you’re interested. Cheers!

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it has a genuine UK power plug? Hold onto it! That’ll be worth something in a couple of months time :wink:

It sounds like as if somebody failed a knowledge roll on that hoover

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It does indeed! Authentic collector’s item. Plug uses roods and farthings or whatever weird imperial units are used for electricity.

(The alternative to an adapter would be running an extension cord under the Channel, but I figured that would be going a bit too far.)

Probably more a failed Sense Motive roll since I didn’t expect anybody would be interested in the details. But you’re right, these things are important, so here are the exact technical specs:

It is red and black.

is this a Henry Hoover situation? I love those (and - obviously - I own many adaptors)

Won’t help much in any case. To my understanding, in a few days they will blast the tunnel, sever all cables, and then just sort of drift off into the Atlantic to scour about the seven seas as pirates (?). At least that seems to be the closest approximation to a plan for the immediate future that I can currently perceive.

Bold of you to assume they have a plan at all. I think they’re just going to see what happens and react in the exact opposite way a reasonable person would. And the hoover being red and black? Now that’s what sold me. I’ll take it off your hands (or take off your hands?) if nobody else will.


Weren’t you the one who told me to become a politician? Also I can’t be worse than what they got now

true :smiley:

Just want to point out that the hoover situation has been… dusted? Or the dust has settled around the situation? I’m not sure… either way, the vacuum cleaner is in new hands :stuck_out_tongue: and will be fully assimilated with a fitting adapter post-haste (aka some time in the coming days when I can be arsed to buy one)

Confirming that a new home has been found. Thank you for the interest, the punditry, and the puns.

Well, maybe not the puns. Those were just dry as dust.

A “selling vacuum cleaner” thread instantly steers to a discussion on Brexit… when the “boy, that escalated quickly” meme just isn’t enough :joy:

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