Free RPG day

So, this Saturday is Free RPG day (yahoo!)

I am planning to swing by Planet Harry, albeit, I do not yet know when. It will be either in the late morning or in the early afternoon, depending if we are having our CoC game that day and if people are interested in forming the posse there before going monster hunting…

Sounds really neat. I’ll definitely stop by.

So, it’s probably going to be early afternoon then. Around noonish would be best, I suppose…

dear rpg fans!

i am sitting here checking the free rpg stuff which is available on saturday from 11.00 to 16.00. i did my best and ordered three packages, but still: don´t wait to long for fetching the cool rpgs. last year the fans camped bevor our shopping door:-)) looking forward to see you! have fun!


Thanks for the heads up and see you tomorrow my good sir!

well; guys, I am sorry that I missed all of you. But the day has been a productive one…

Plus, in addition to the free goodies, I even got myself the Pathfinder DM screen and the second bestiary. Plus a cool forest map and a handful of mini.

Love me some planet Harry!

By the way the sale-person informed me that they had a 10% discount on English RPG product until the end of the month!
Seems like a perfect fit for the denizens of this very board…

I personally fully intent to return there next Saturday.

Among the things I grabbed today was a dice tower and a d20 and the first time I rolled the die was with the tower and it came up with 20. Thinking about how poorly my dice rolled lately, that is major improvement.

Got your DnD Free RPGs for you Simon ^^.


And I got you Shadowrun. To make sure you had the FULL SPECTRUM.

Or, ok, ONE non-D&D game :wink:

Yep. And from what I saw, it comes with a simplifi ed version of the rules, ready to play. Was there much beyond the D&D
/Pahfinder and the Shadowrun stuff ?

Some stuff in German I grabbed for KH. And the stuff on sale. Ask AmLash about his newest card game.

Yes, ask me!

Huh, ok, hast due ein neu Karte spiel ?

Or something…

May I correct your spelling? “Hast du ein neues Kartenspiel?”

But the answer would interest me as well.

It’s called misery bubblegum

Looking forward to read the rules!

Ok, that looks… interesting. [ooc]backs away slowly[/ooc]

But, it reminds me to bring ‘Chez Guevara’ to our next board/card-game evening.