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While our thoughts are largely on more pressing issues than games these days, sometimes a distraction is exactly what we need, whether it’s to take our minds off more serious matters or merely to relieve the tedium of staying indoors all day. In that vein, several of the good folks here have combined forces to offer you some treasures from their vaults. Enjoy!

DM sans pareil Simon kicks things off with a swashbuckling scenario featuring a mutiny and a map. Arrrrr!

From AL legend Tersidian, a selection of unfathomable creatures to spring on unwary adventurers:

Master adventuresmith SheVa goes above and beyond, contributing an entire bundle of nifty scenarios!

  • (To receive this bundle for free, please pm me your DM’s Guild account info. Thank you.)

And for anybody looking for a change of pace, the inimitable Carrthulhu offers up a mystifying scenario for Call of Cthulhu …

Huge thanks to everybody who provided such fantastic material for reading, gaming, and leaving it all behind for a little while. If you enjoy this material, consider leaving a DM’s Guild rating or a quick thank you for the authors.

Happy reading, and please do stay home as much as possible. Even if you’re young and healthy, your actions can have repercussions far beyond yourself. We already have somebody in our group whose partner tested positive, somebody else with quarantined relatives … this will probably touch all of us in some way before it’s over. Stay safe, and keep others safe, too.

Be well, flatten that curve, and beware the land squid!


Great post and materials!

What surprises me, @H is not on the list. Have you released any materials over the years (C’thulu or otherwise)?