Four-page RPG system

Hi folks,

there’s a competition by Pen & Podcast right now. The challenge is, to create a 4-page RPG-system + setting. The only problem is, that it’s expected to be in german. I paticipated and brewed up an easy-to-play system, called FYNF!. Yet again in german (for now). It features Theater-of-the-Mind style storytelling, almost no preparation time, and can be played without a game-master. The system (because of the 4-page limit) is rather elementary in its current state, but if you are interested in playtesting it, I would be happy to present it at Spielbar. Check it out. Constructive feedback is always welcome.


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Didn’t win anything at the competition. But there are now 15 free RPG systems to download at the Pen & Podcast website. Would somebody here care for a FYNF! game one of these thursdays? Although I did not do an english translation yet, it’s easy to set up, and – extrapolationg from a few playtests – fun to play. We can do virtually ANY setting, no GM preparation necessary, your imagination is the limit of what story-twists may happen … :wink: