[Found someone, thank you!] In person 5e DM looking for player to join our campaign

Ahoi fellas!
My name’s Anna, I’m an 18 year old student in Vienna, I’ve been DMing 5e for around 3-4 years and have recently set up my first even campaign with people outside my closer friend group! To be exact, we launched it around May this year, and it has been a blast for the first sessions so far. Sadly, one of our players is leaving our group now due to several scheduling related issues, hence why we’re looking for someone new to join us C:

About our campaign! Our now 4 players are playing in a high magic, heavy medieval fantasy setting, with a bit of homebrew sprinkled in here and there, with a custom pantheon and all. I’d describe our playstyle as quite roleplay heavy, which also describes the type of player we’re looking for!

What we don’t care about, is how experienced you are, we are a colorful mix of experienced, and not so experienced players, and absolutely have the patience to go through things with you if you’re unsure about anything, as long as you’re motivated and invested enough! So don’t let that deter you from messaging us!

We are currently playing biweekly, so every second saturday. Also we’re playing in english.

Im looking forward to hear from ya’ll!! :smiley:


Hello Anna, my name is Mathias, i am 22 Years old and I have been living in Vienna for about 2 years. I am interested in your game. I don’t have much experience in DnD. The schedule is perfect for me since I work skipping 1 Saturday.

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Hi Anna, I’m Jasmin and from Vienna, 27 years old and I haven’t played DnD in a lot of years so I’m more or less beginner level after forgetting most things (outside of some experience through CRPGs). I love magic-based characters and I’m interested in your group and playing together!

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