Forget the 8th - who's up for a game on the 1st?

Anybody in town? Anybody up for a game to ring in the new year?

(I could run a one-shot of TBDRPG, or would be happy to play just about anything. A game of some kind woud be nice, though.)

I am already ‘booked’, so sadly no gaming night this Silvester

I’m surprised this is here… I assumed most of you would be waking up on Thursday in an unknown location wondering why you’re wearing someone elses underwear, reassuring yourself that it must have been a good night and that’s why it hurts to move. Basically needing the whole day to recover.

Anyway I believe I will be here. Depending on who is coming, I have two options, heroes or mystery. The mystery is mostly done just working on confidence and a few corners but I believe it will be ready. Dominik should be available. Of course I’m happy to play a wizard beard in one of H’s one shots and I have my voucher I look forward to redeeming. XD

I’d join too if there was a game. Sadly no plans for 31st anyways.

…and finding out what the hell happened. Ah a sidequest. This is nice since you can get a lot of bonus XP. :laughing:

Well makes 3 of us… Worth meeting?

I want too, but on day like these, I cannot promise I will leave my bed at all

I will write on the 1st, if I can make it :slight_smile:
[size=85](If I do not write, I can’t make it)[/size]

Domanic will be there too! So 4 with potentially 5. Worth it?

Don’t see why not …

Care to run a mystery, Tom, or should I cook up something?

See you next year!

I think I will leave the mystery till next week when there are more people available. I’m sure there are others who want to participate but won’t make today. I have heroes I can run but I’m also cool with playing what you have will have cooked up.

Oh I, oh, I’m still Alive


see you later :smiley:

see you there.

[quote]“Dig it on my swag!”[/quote] :laughing: