For new DM's/People Interested - Running the Game, a youtube series

So since I’ve seen a few people talking/posting about trying out DMing I just wanted to link the video resources that really helped me get over the hump and learn how to do it well last year.

This series is hosted by a dude who’s been DMing since 1986 or something and is really concise and to the point. I’d suggest just starting at the top and making your way down as far interests you. Bear in mind that his starter dungeon is unfortunately not AL-legal, but the principles still apply.

Happy game-running!


Oh, and he just started streaming a new campaign in his setting.

It’s a contrast to Critical Role because the people are actually normal people and not, you know, Mercer & Co.

I really like his series on running the game!

I don’t always agree with the finer points. But he describes his way to run the game and that way he describes and explains really well.

I really enjoy Matt Coleville’s videos - get the word out: they are great!
Btw anyone tried/read stronghold and followers?