So I thought, for those USians missing good Mexican, to let you know… I have found 2 decent Latin-American stores here in Wien. The first one, Mex & Co, has a better selection of salsas, is a bit cheaper, and makes their own Mexican-style chorizo and corn tortillas. They also often have Quesa Fresca or Oaxaca. I have not yet tried their chorizo, since I only just finished the frozen stuff I smuggled back on my last trip from the US. It’s also owned/run by a gentleman from Latin America who speaks English, so it’s a great place to ask questions.

The other, Casa Mexico, has a better selection of non-chile items (refried beans, etc), and good microwave items (if only I had a microwave!). However, their chorizo is Spanish. Not that I have a problem with Spanish chorizo, it’s just most definitely NOT the same.

I miss my fresh chiles, especially poblanos, but between the two of these, I can consistently find almost everything I need. I also have a TON of powdered ancho chiles, if anyone wants some.

Wait … you’re saying that the taco shells and jars of salsa you find at Billa aren’t the apex of Mexican cuisine? :open_mouth:

Well, to be fair, they are the same taco shells and jars of salsa you might find in a grocery store in a small Kansas town…

The salsa gets all the way to “medium”! I didn’t know Austrians could handle food that spicy :smiling_imp:

Nice, never tasted mexican food in a mexican restaurant. I think I should give it a try.

uhm. two things. 1) where have you had it? and 2) the mexican restaurants I have seen here don’t fill me with confidence in their authenticity. I’ll have to cook for you some night :wink:.

Try Tin-Tan in the 8th district.