First timer looking for a group (m 22yo ENG)

Hello everyone
I have never played DnD before but insanely curious to start. I would love to join a group soon and would appreciate if you guys let me know if any of you are looking for players. Any advice on getting started would also be great!



you could try to join one of our open V.A.L.U.E. games (D&D 5E)
or one of @H’s open D&D tables (D&D 1E)

those have proven to be a great recruiting ground in the past

(the relevant threads should pop up in the next days)

good luck and happy gaming :vulcan_salute:


Hi Violet,

Since I was paged. You’re more than welcome to join our group for some adventurous exploits. We play an older version of D&D (basically what the Stranger Things kids play) rather than the current craze; if that’s of interest to you, drop me a line.

As for getting started: Join a game, have some fun, don’t worry about making mistakes.