First time shadowrun- tips for me?

Hey ! :slight_smile:
I’m going to host my first shadowrun game. Not one of us played it before … so I’m going to ask you for help!

Is there anything I need to keep in mind? Or do you have some tips for a pour gm? :see_no_evil:

Have a nice day! :blush:

Bring a lot of extra dice…


Do you have a lot of RPG experience?

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have a degree in advanced mathematics? :smiley: or use tools to manage stuff like essence for the player characters
and take your time, no need to rush things, and before starting to play clear up as a group whether you want to take time to look up mechanics when they are unclear or rather have the dm make a judgement call and clear it up after playing (combat turn order stuff comes to mind)

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just bought 10 dice for 50c :slight_smile:

Just a few… ;3;

10 dice for 50 cents? where? :open_mouth:

10 d6 for shadowrun … well that’s not going to be enough :smiley:

Action! :smiley:

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Shadowrun is super crunchy

you will make mistakes and that’s just fine
focus on everyone having fun, and if you do not know something just make it up

as a regular rule, if you want to add a bonus / penalty to a roll, +/-2 dice will be fine

I send you some handouts, that could prove to be helpful, if someone dares to ask “what actions are possible”

have fun :slight_smile:

also I strongly recommend using this character creator:

(-> options: there you can turn on/off, which books will be allowed in your campagn
as default only the SR5 Corebook is “on”)

Thank u :slight_smile: I appreciate ur help a lot! :blossom:

Just keep in mind that at its heart Shadowrun is a game about the 80s and you’ll be fine.

Also, don’t forget your mirrorshades.

Have fun!

What a mess. :smiley: Most of my player where a bit grumpy because of my lacking shadowrun know-how. Despite that we had a funny time with nearly no shadowrun rules just with roleplaying.

But at the end of the day I learned a lot. At least something! c:

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