Finally an introduction

[size=85]Since I’ve been around for a while I should finally introduce myself-[/size]

name’s robert, born in croatia, grew up in salzburg, austria, now living in vienna.

im a nerd and i like games, video games, anime, manga, comics (especially hellblazer and sandman), horror movies; also i play magic the gathering.

[color=#000080]T[/color][color=#FF0000]h[/color][color=#BF8000]a[/color][color=#408000]t[/color] is all.

[size=70][color=#BFBFFF]apparently i also like to fuck around with text[/color][/size]

Dobrodosao Corinthian.

Odnosno xargoth.

Hello there Robert!

Glad you finally found your ‘voice’ on the board!

Finally u find the time to talk xD

[size=85]Thanks, odnosno hvala. also: amazing that someone recognizes that obscure evildoer :smiley:[/size]

[size=85]Yes. and my voice is changing the[/size] [size=100]size[/size] [size=85]and the [color=#808040]color[/color] of my writing.[/size]

[size=85]Sure took me a while.[/size]

It’s been awhile since a read it, so it took me some time to remember his name. I am reealy bad with names.