Figures: Show 'Em Off Here!

Following up on this thread kindly started by Siobhan, I thought I’d start a thread where people who were so inclined could show off their RPG miniatures.

I play a smart-ass, snotty Sun Elf wizard in our campaign. I really like Rackham Miniatures (they’re out of business, unfortunately, but you can still find their miniatures if you look hard enough), and a friend and fellow wargamer of mine fielded a Cynwall-based Warhammer High Elf army which looks incredible. Because I didn’t want a typical flowey-robe-and-staff figure, I decided to modify a Cynwall Quarterstaffer with a magical tome I adapted from an old Games Workshop Chaos familiar.

I happen to know that ZeldaLink does a GREAT job painting miniatures…the gauntlet has been thrown, post yours!


Some of you may or may not though that I had a short stint with Warhammer 40k last year. As I can never manage to do things by half this also included spending a small fortune on stuff! In the end, I spent more time painting than playing and the novelty soon wore off. Here’s a couple of guys I spent FAR too much time on! :smiley:

This guy was from the 40k starter box. He was an Ultramarine captain but I played Blood Angels


A Blood Angel elite. I believe he’s a Sanguine Guard. I’ve forgotten most of the 40k lingo now to be honest.


This fella’s from the Death Company. I think they’re called that because when you’ve finished painting five of these bastards you just wish for sweet sweet death.


Nice work!

I LOVE her. Thank you again, so much :slight_smile: