Fifth Edition °°

And you thought this was going to be a screed about the latest D&D remake.

But no, October is fast approaching, and that means it’ll soon be time for …

The 5th Annual RPG Vienna D&D Tournament

October 19.

Save the date. Rev up your dice.


sounds interesting, what’s this? :smiley:

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Could be a lot of fun… Does this mean a hand-to-hand combat showdown of two barbarians in a smoked out tavern? What could it meeeeean?!

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I’m definitely intrigued🤔

I’m in of course. I hope my swashbuckling mates are as well!

@New people asking “What is this?”:
Groups of brave adventurers compete in an epic tournament of dungeon crawling.
The great envelopian GM is running these groups at the same time. And although these groups will never meet each other, they’ll be facing monsters, traps and their worst fears - one of which will be time itself. Each group tries to cover as much ground as possible, loot the greatest treasures and defeat the most formidable foes.

Be afraid - for the dungeon is dark and full of terrors.


sounds really intriguing … :slight_smile:
also sounds like it highly depends on which system is run and which group has the veterans of that system in it :smiley:

Sounds like Fun! I’m interested! :slight_smile:

Woohoo! I’ll be there, even if it means drugging the kids… ahem That’s a joke. But seriously, I’ll be there. Around 8ish.

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I wouldn’t miss it for a dragon of my own.

well wait a minute there… what size and color dragon are we talking here? :smiley:

A Green dragon the size of a coin comes to mind


And yes, I’ll be there.

Not anymore😁

I’m in. :slight_smile:
Sounds like Fun.

Oh, that sounds very much like fun - I’m in!

I will do my best to crawl with you in this adventure.

Just a teaser thread. More details to follow. :grinning:

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