Field Research - DnD Session

Hey everyone!

I’m a cultural anthropology student and I’m doing a research project for a course.

For that I will be conducting a field research next Friday at the open table meetup at Die Requisite.

There will be a dedicated table for people who want to join me for this project, also there will be no recording of any kind and all information will of course be kept anonymous.

The process will be as following: Before the session I will ask the participants a few questions. Then there will be a normal DnD session in which I will make some notes. Afterwards I will again ask a few questions.

For further information there will be a separate thread opened in the following days. Through this thread you can also sign up for joining me.

If you have any further questions just comment below.

I’m really looking forward to this project and hope some of you guys will join and support me in that. :slight_smile:


Happy to host this next Friday!

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That sounds super interesting, and I would be very happy to help! Would you share your conclusions with us after you compile them?

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Certainly! I’ll happily share my finished work with anyone that joins me in this project, and as long as the participants are okay with it, i can also share it with anyone else who is interested.