Fantasy One-shot on Thursday?

With so much talk of looking for groups, let’s get an actual game underway to ring in the new year…

Thursday evening?
In English?

Right now I’m thinking MERP (because, hey, zeitgeist and all that), but that may change by Thursday. Five players or so sounds good. No experience necessary, neither in MERP nor RPGs in general.

Anybody up for it?

I’m game!

I would be interested, but have too much to prepare for my own game on Saturday, to be able to participate, sorry.

I’d love to but can’t make it this Thursday :frowning: If we could do something similar sometime next week (except next Monday) or so, I’m in :slight_smile:

Having failed to achieve critical mass, I think it’s better to shelve this one.

Sorry, Thopthes…

Still interested, just couldn’t make it yesterday. What about sometime in the next two weeks? :slight_smile: (not Mondays)

potentially interested :slight_smile:

All right, let’s try this again … What say you, for instance, to this Wednesday or Friday evening?

I’d be potentially interested as well, depending on when my other game is (still not set in stone).

I prefer Wednesday to Friday :slight_smile:

I could make it at around 7:30 on Wednesday this week. Friday evening and pretty much all day Saturday would work as well, as would various evenings the following week.


I should have time on wednesday or saturday

same. I would like to see how often we can manage to have a session with my first group. I kindly ask H to have a little patience, if I can manage I would be really happy to join

As our group won’t meet this week , i’d be interested to join aswell

So, is this happening?

I’m game. Spielbar at 8 tomorrow (Wednesday)?

Game TBD, no prep (hey, it’s not like I’ll be doing any preparing, either), rules knowledge, roleplaying experience, etc. will be required. Bring paper and pencils, dice if you’ve got 'em.

Up to five players. Let’s say that if two more people commit in this thread by 1pm tomorrow, it’s a go.

So, who’s in?

It’s a one-shot. No further commitment. One night only, as they say in show biz.

Well, I’m game! I’ll try to ask a friend if he’s interested so that may solve the player problem a bit.

Edit: He’s in.

All right, the game is ON tonight. See everyone at 8!

We’ll be playing a fantasy game as planned, but it probably won’t be MERP. It might be a little bit … grimmer. Find out more tonight!

Incidentally, it would be a great help if somebody could reserve a table for us. I’m afraid I’ll be tied up for most of the afternoon and might not have the chance.

Many thanks!