Fantasy Miniatures/Figures for Playing

Does anyone have a clue where I can buy – in my ideal world, pre-painted – figures for D&D/Pathfinder/etc. combat?

Damage Unlimited SUCKS. You literally have to go through every box, there’s no order or organization, and it’s expensive. Noel and I both found something we can use out of the discount bin, but I would like something that looks like me.

I have no problems with ordering online, suggestions there would also be welcome.

Ok; you probably don’t want metal minis (some people prefer them, but you’d have to paint them yourself, and they are a bit fragile for my taste anyway).

So, in term of plastic minis… The “normal” way to buy them is in blind boxes, buy the box, hope for the best, not suitable for you.
However, some minis series do come in transparent boxes that do let you look at them and choose them. Both D&D and Pathfinder had such series and I have seen a few such boxes at PH. Not perfect, if only because you have to buy a handful of minis only for the two that interest you, but there is this solution.

Otherwise, and that’d be my advice, there are sites that allows you to choose individual minis to buy (when bought that way, they are called “singles”)
The prices of such minis, however, fluctuate widely, depending on the rarity of the mini you are targeting. Common stuff are generally less than a dollar, rare stuff… Well it can get a bit crazy.

And, yes, the price I gave you was in dollar, I have not bought singles since I came back from the U.S.
And that’s where the sites I know are located, which might make shipping a bit costly and, more importantly, slow.

Anyway, you can try "Miniature market " or “Troll and Toad”. Look for pathfinder or D&D but don’t neglect other fantasy producers. Rackham had a few cool ones, before the company folded, but some minis might still be on the market…

Also, I have seen people sell their miniature on Ebay, but generally by lots…

Do you need character-minis or monster ones?

How about these: … ersSingles

Character minis. I admit I was trying to find something like paizo or minature world in Europe… shipping from the US is ludicrously expensive :frowning:.

Simon… metal ones are more fragile than plastic? Really?

Well, I could maybe add them to my monthly shipment, if you would wait for them. It probably wouldn’t really affect the shipping cost too…

ooOOOOooo… where do you buy from? paizo? I can definitely wait, two figures shouldn’t add much at all…

Yeah, I’m a subscriber to most Paizo-lines of product there.

Just point me to the minis you’d like.

[quote=“Siobhan”]Character minis. I admit I was trying to find something like paizo or minature world in Europe… shipping from the US is ludicrously expensive :frowning:.

Simon… metal ones are more fragile than plastic? Really?[/quote]

Yep, especially if you drop them…

Wow, the pathfinder singles are kind of expansive…

Well, I only got myself the beginners box character minis (link), but those are looking great to me.
(That is to say: I wouldn’t be able to paint them that good. Not with a lot of practice.)

If you haven’t seen them, I could bring them next time we meet.

Frazzle, I would be delighted to take you up on your offer. The beginner’s box set, the half-elf cleric ( … uman-Rogue).

THANK you! We’ll work out a way for me to get cash to you, and do let me know if it jumps you up in shipping prices.

We do that. Simplest way is, you give it to me, when you get the minis from me?

Currently the next order is set to ship around June 15th with an estimated shipping cost of $26,72.

Those three items in the cart would have a shipping cost of $5.28.

Adding them to my monthly shipment bumped the estimated shipping costs to $28.94, so that’s only $2.22 more.

Shipping usually takes about a month, give or take a week, so mid July they should be here.

May I jump in on the order train? :slight_smile:


@AmLash: your three minis would have a shipping cost of $2.84.

But, they didn’t bump up the estimated shipping costs of my subscription shipment any more above the $28.94, so I guess, we’ll just be dividing the $2.22 that are above my original shipping cost to you two guys. Sounds fair?

It sounds entirely fair to me, but if there is any dissent likely to arise, I can cover the 1,50Euro :wink:

I have no problem with the price :slight_smile:

Two things:

A) The order is now on it’s way. I got the email yesterday with the standard guesstimation of 9-36 business days of transit.

B) Your minis brought my order to over $100 worth. That means two things, one good, the other not so much:
First the good one: as I am subscriber, I get a special discount on orders worth over $100. That covers your shipping costs and some of mine, so you’ll only pay for your figures.
Now to the bad thing: I noticed that most of my Paizo shipments worth more than $100 are opened by customs and I might have to pay duty.
Might. We will see about that in about a month.

So long.

Thanks for the heads up.

Now that your minis are on their way over the great lake, I need a recommendation.

Anyone seen a (prepainted) dwarven barbarian? Paizo only got this dude here which isn’t savage at all.

Well, the D&D minis have at least a Dwarf barbarian I can think off, and plenty of rather angry looking fighters (although some of them are wearing rather heavy armour), I think the Dwarven warlord from “Against the giants” looks rather cool…

You can browse their minis here.