Fantasy books in English

Hello community,

i wanted to expand my collection of forgotten realms books here in Vienna but i need them in english.
Any idea where to head off to?
I have only been once in Fantasyflagship so i cant recall if i saw titles there.

Thank you in advance guys and girls

I picked up a couple of them from there, but I recall that they only had a very limited collection. Planet Harry carries more English books, but I am not sure if that also translates to FR novels…
So, your best choice might just be Amazon…

So best call would be planet harry

Worth a try, they carry a fair amount of games and graphic novels in English…

I think Harry dropped D&D books a while back. Might be best to call and check before going.

Damage used to have lots, and probably still does. That’s the first place I’d check.

Actually, I think I have a few of these lying around. I’ll check and send you a PM.

The only thing i have to say here is that wizard of the coast has every dnd book as a pdf for 50% cheaper atm