Examples of V.A.L.U.E


Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm


  • T1: levels 1-4
  • T2: levels 5-10
  • T3: levels 11-16
  • T4: levels 17-20

This week @Tiero likes to dm a T1 adventure
which I would like to join as a player (have T1-T4 characters) :slight_smile:
(if needed I have a couple of adventures in reserve)


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

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Heyo, I’d love to join, if need be i could also run an adventure.


I guess T1 ?

jup, I will be bringing a lvl1 character

I will be there, T1 as a player if possible

I will be there too, with tier 1 to tier 3 characters.

Hi :slight_smile: I will come and bring a T1 Character.

Coming to play, no more kerfufles

Hey everyone, working hours has been kicking my butt in a major way this week, barely had any time to prepare. Regrettfully, I must postpone my adventure by a week (next week holidays :slight_smile: ). If possible Kathi and me would love to join as T1 players tomorrow. If thats not possible, we would not mind hanging out and listening in.


welcome :slight_smile:


don’t worry
I will have a T1 adventure ready :slight_smile:

I would like to join as well as a player.

would show up to play as well

I also might have a girl coming with me to try DnD



@Darthbinks (T1)
@Fridi (T1)

@Elenaaa (T1)
@Nepu (T1)
@Arthilas (T1-T3)
@Shadow (T1)
@Xerdor (T1)
@Resil (T1-T4) … will bring another player (T1)
@Tiero (T1) … will bring another player (T1)

as of now looks like 2 tables with 1 dm and 4-5 players each

Keep in mind that you need to have been jabbed 21+ days ago or have a valid test to be able to enter.
Normal 3G Rules apply.



Hello, oh man I’m a bit late, I have so much work at uni, hopefully I can make it as well.
If I managed to reach I will bring a T1 character.

You can come late if needed

On the bright side, while looking through my favorite adventures, I’ve stumbled accross another one I absolutely love - so that one will get prepared right after the one for next friday =)

Does anyone know a cheap place to print things in color btw?

I will come as well

Fridi and I will come a bit later too.

thanks for dm-ing


Sentinel Shield

Shield, uncommon (12 TCP)
6 lb. AC +2

While holding this shield, you have advantage on initiative rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Story Award: β€œLost Arm”

You lost one of your arms. Once your character gets cured by regenerate, you should strike through this story award.
You can get a regenerate spellcasting service between sessions for 490gp. This cost can be lowered to 0gp, if any fellow adventurer on your table, who also survived that game session, has the Acolyte Background and agrees to help you.

… aside from that everyone got to keep 160gp