Every good story needs a start!

Hey, everyone!

Heard about this community at the Metropole event yesterday featuring RPGs and board games. Avid 5th Edition PC/DM just moved to Vienna from really far away and looking for a D&D playgroup. Open to being the DM: have the DMG, a screen, and my own set of dice (wouldn’t say no to being a PC either). Have experience in running campaigns and adventures abroad, but getting tired of hosting online and would prefer some old-fashioned, face-to-face, tabletop experiences. Message me if interested!


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hey :slight_smile:
i’d recommend visiting us for our AL meetups on any friday (there usually is a post around almost a week in advance, for “signup”), there have been a lot of groups formed through that event

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Thanks for the tip! I’d really like to drop by on a Friday for AL; will keep updated on schedules.