Events for this week

So, there is Shioban’s C.O.C game scheduled for this Saturday at my place.

In addition, there is the new Spider-Man movie coming out this Thursday.

And, I believe somebody wanted to play Arckam Horror? I’d certainly be motivated in giving that game a try!

So, let’s gather on, children, and try to organise our entertainement for this week.

I am available pretty much every day but Tuesday and Saturday. I may need an advance warning and am liable to give an apologetic “pass” at the last minute, depending of what happens at work, but my shcedule is pretty flexible overall…

So, who else is interested and in what event?

how about an thursday with spidey^^
i would prefer the Haydn.
But i´m open for anything else too xD

tell me where and when, i try to come xD
if i´m allowed xD

For Spider-Man I just reserved 6 seats for the 8:30 showing on Thursday. There is also one at 6, but I thought that might be too early for those coming from work. But if 8:30 would run too late for some just write it here.

Though I’d like to see the new friendly neighborhood-spider, I’m not going to watch it in English (at least not now, but surely later on the Blu-Ray).

Have fun guys.

I don’t know everyone else’s work-schedule, but Friday at around 1:00 - 1:30pm I leave work and am free for the weekend. So, if anything is happening on Friday…

8h30 at the Haydn? If you still have seats available, you can put one aside for me. Thanks!

As for something happening Friday or Sunday, I’d be up for it.

Maybe some board games at Sperlhof or another café?

I’ll come!

One card for me please.

Since me other plans for thursday fell through I’d like to tag along too.

When are going to meet?

Well I’ll be there around 20:00. I’m the guy with a red eye and a band aid on his pinky :stuck_out_tongue:

So, any plans for today?

Sorry, I am a bit stressed out this week. Maybe I’ll call Siobhan and Simon tomorrow, but only if I am not too tired after work.

Sorry can’t make it either, have a migraine and couldn’t enjoy playing today.

Well, we had Simon, -H-, Noel, and AmLash (joined late) for Cthulhu.

I actually had FAR more fun GM’ing then I ever thought I would.

Damn iTunes messing up my sound effects. THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SUDDEN SCREAM. Not a floor creaking. Kinda messed up the “out of nowhere” attack. But aside from that, I think it went ok. People SEEMED to have a good time.

It was really nice and fun and actually, one of the most fun I ever had playing CoC, partly, I think; because it was not as brutally lethal as most scenario.
Some GM I gamed with thinks that the reputation of the game means that they HAVE to kill their player even at the price of forcing them and railroading them to their death.

You did a great job, though.