Establish group looking for 1 more player - homebrew system - usually face2face but currently playing online

I’m running a gaming group with a homebrew fantasy setting ( once a week.

We currently play online, due to Corona and all. Our usual day is Tuesday from about 18:00. We plan to resume physical meetings in the near future.

System is homebrew, classic fantasy. 1st level characters are weak but power up with a few levels quickly. Magic is a design-your-own-spells-from-these-parts system. Combat is with relatively few rolls but tactical choices.

We currently have a priest/, a knight and a warrior with a bit of magic. A forth player plans to join in a week and we’d like to add one more to the mix.

Ideally, someone can join immediately. I’m available to run you through the system, world and character generation. Or if you have questions first, ask here.

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