Erasmus student + total beginner

Hi! My name is Lauren, I’m 21 and from Ireland. I’m a huge fantasy fan, and I’ve been reading through the mechanics of a few different RPGs, but I’ve never actually played before. I’m looking to play somewhere that my inexperience won’t be a nuisance. If you don’t mind my newbness and incomprehensible accent, I’d love to hang out.

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Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
We have plenty of both at the thursday events and at the AL fridays :slight_smile: so no worries there, just announce yourself in the relevant thread when you plan to come to either

Erasmus student + total beginner = no problem

We’d be happy to have you at one of our events and don’t worry about your accent or lack of experience. The accent fits perfectly into fantasy settings and you just have to say what your character does, the DMs will take care of the rest.

Are many of the games played through English? I’ve no German worth mentioning, unfortunately. Thanks a mil for the advice and the welcome.

Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully I can join next week.

Are many of the games played through English?

We always play here in English, so no worries.

Greetings from my side as well on the forum!

Welcome! Yeah fortunately we always play in English, and all accents are welcome :smiley: