Epic Miniature Idea on Kickstarter

kickstarter.com/projects/he … miniatures

I dont know if anybody already posted something about this but i´m a little giddy about it xD

because its still on for around a week and i sincerly hope for the Modern StretchGoal to happen.^^

so yeah
also interested?
or are you even thinking its an bad idea?
tell me, tell me more xD


I think this may just be the future of gaming miniatures.

If this works out, I’m sure going to get them to make me a few of the heroes I’ve been having in mind but never managed to properly draw and/or convert from existing minatures!

The biggest challenge I see for them is that there are -very- many existing minatures out there already, and many companies charge pretty reasoable prices for them as well.
They’ll have to make their service affordable enough, while still providing a range that is so wide and varied, so that potential customers won’t settle for the “meh, close enough” miniatures other providers already offer to them instead…

Like, I would probably buy me a few of theirs, but most likely only a few. Like many miniature afficionados, I’ve got such a heapload of minis lying around already… and no way I’m gonna replace the majority of them, just because a few tiny details could be even more spot-on for what I’m imagining :wink:

I guess it remains to be seen whether they can draw in a large enough number of customers, each of which will likely only “buy just a few”…

But I’m a fan of the idea in principle!

And if D&D 5e should happen to use battlegrids, I guess that may boost their sales nicely, as well. (Not that existing Pathfinder and D&D 3.x/4e players would not already make for a considerable potential customer base!)

That’s certainly a great idea…

What i think is amazing was the art about the “chains” and/or Lantern

they can freaking move XD

completely agree with Auburney. Nice find!