Ello everyone - 15 characters title -

Hey guys

my name is lucas and I’m from vienna, born and raised.
I’m 25 and I’d love to get into pen and paper (dnd 5e especially but I wouldn’t mind a homebrew numenera adventure either) a little more.

I’ve gathered some experience with numenera so far and, sadly, only one session of dnd 5e.

Browsing through the forum before posting, I saw that you guys play every thursday at the Spielbar. is that just open to everyone or is it invite only :smiley:

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Hello Nnay, welcome!

The Thursday game is indeed opened to all. Next week is supposed to be D&D5, as luck would have it…

heyyyyy that’s pretty good.

so how does it work, is there a currently running adventure going on?

In general, the Thursday game has a lot of one shots.

But, in the past we have had campaign running… Right now, we just started a new D&D5 campaign (the lost mine of Phandelver), we had our first session already and the idea is to have the same game running every last Thursday of the month…


sorry for asking so many questions but I’m genuinely new at all this.

I’m guessing it’ll not be an option for newcomers to join in on adventures like that, so one-shots are most likely the way to go for a newcomer here

No, no, you are welcome to come by

If the table is overcrowded, they might be need for negotiations but, as much as possible, everybody is welcome

sounds fantastic. I’ll make sure to stop by whenever I can and get a character up and running until then. looking forward to meeting you guys

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Sure, we’ll bring pre-gens but you’re of course welcome to bring your own characters!