#Easy DnD Campaign

So, finally got enough reception here that I can open up a new thread and doodle for our meeting times.

Will it be fine with you, if we carry it out at your place again, Siobhan?

Of course I can host. I thought Simon had done the doodle already, I think I just indicated my availability for a game I’m not in.

Anyway, I just volunteered to host something else on August 31, so that day is utterly out. And I’ll remind people that my house is at its dirtiest on Mondays and cleanest on Tuesdays, if that matters.

31st would be a no go for me too, as i’m the one that initiated the group forming for that day :smiley:

Oh, one more day off for me: September 1 is my birthday, and I am hoping to convince my husband to take me somewhere nice. So that’s a strong “no” preference, but if it turns out that’s the only day everyone can meet, then he can take me out on Saturday, instead.

And the lovely lady that cleans our apartment comes Monday next week (Aug 28), so Monday will be the cleanest day ;).

I have my priorities straight.

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it looks like the soonest possibility might be september 5th anyways :smiley:

I’m not in vienna next week. Sorry. So 5th is the earliest i can do as indicated in le doodle :slight_smile:

I am out of Vienna for the first weeks of September…

Well, we can have one session a bard short at 5th - or wait for Simon to return and play in mid-/late-September again.

i’d say we should wait for simon


On the one hand, I hate waiting so long to play again. On the other hand, I hate playing without everybody. So let’s wait for Simon.


I’m also voting for waiting. It’s not like we are having a game every week, so let’s wait.

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Alrighty then.

See you soon

have fun on your vacation or whatever you’re doing @simon :slight_smile:

I am travelling for work but taking a few extra days off


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