Early announcement: easter special

Thursday March 31st (Thursday after easter) there will be an easter special.

If you want to join please tell me early.


  • 3 players minimum
  • 4h time (maybe more, might end midnightish)
  • Each player has to bring a stuffed animal (size and age matter!)

Edit: Don’t get this wrong! This will be a very serious murder mystery with secret agents and such stuff…

Edit2: Stuffed animals (or similar*) still mandatory.

*a plush Cthulhu technically is not a stuffed animal but still counts.


Sounds fun, count me in.

But what about stuffed vegetables?

Stuffed vegetables are fine too.

Murder mystery AND stuffed animals? I’m in!

Not sure I own any stuffed animal but I’ll I have look…

Well maybe someone else has two…

That sounds fantastic! I think I might actually be able to make it to a game by then, and I can bring a couple of extra stuffed animals for anyone who needs.


Count me in.

Hi all, I am in too!

It will be my first time at Spielbar’s Thursdays, I look forward to meet you all :smiley:

I’ll join if there’s space for one more

There’s always room for one more. Especially at the holiday specials.

Don’t forget to bring your plushi!