E-V.A.L.U.E-ating Eastern Locations

Is it too late to join one of the games now just a few hours before? :sweat_smile: I can bring a T1 character :slight_smile:

We can probably fit 1-2 more, we´re not at 5 per table yet

Opening is on @Col_Mustard_Ret but he usually is there before 1900

Would like to snag the last spot for tonight if not too late, both T1 & 2 are good.

Yes, it’s cash only, but there is a bank right around the corner. I’ll be there a little before 6:30 to open up.

Looks like im slammed with work atm, see y’all next week :call_me_hand::grin:

@Frenc @iBug @jboimler & Paaque - thanks for the great and funny game last night!

As promised below are the rewards: Gold: 160 gp each

Magic items (choose one from the list):

  • Ring of Water Walking found on the body of dead alchemist and later granted as bonus reward by her brother.
  • Quarterstaff +1: Recieved from the sacred tree as a reward for freeing it from the corrupting vines.

Keep any unused potions.

Hope to see you all around again!


Thanks to Iluviel - @Atanen , Terry Hatchett - @Truecrawl , Wee Redheaded Olive from Den - @Carcharoth , Ivan Gorcher , Illuviel - @Istariel and Dharax - @Dharaxas for getting involved in Pedto alla Lungaravese - hunting down the Regal Herb to cure the unfortunate Tristan da Pra

Beseeched (and offered ample compensation) by Baciccia da Pra to find a cure for his petrifying son, our heroes scour the Old Town for the Minstrel Bafer, questioning stall owners and a bar full of the queens guard and local militia before eventually spotting a tail and chasing them down. Pietrasso, helper to Bafer, was convinced of their good intent and led them to the minstrel where they heard the ballad The Stone Beauty and deduced where to search for the Regal Herb and that they needed Holy Oil of Petruccio.

After procuring the only bottle of Holy Oil in town from the Tavern of the Two Grumbles owner at a high price, our heroes set off into the wilderness for the Holy Mountain at the centre of the Batta Forest. They rescued Volpone the Old Fox from the clutches of a band of bandit tabaxi before ascending the mountain to find and harvest the Regal Herb. The bandit tabaxi tracked them down and a brawl ensued on the top of the mountain before our heroes were victorious and settled in to distill down the Regal Herb and Holy Oil combination.

Returning to Pallazo da Pra they dosed Tristan and restored his stony flesh to fleshy flesh.

A grateful Baciccia gave them each 150gp. There was also the Necklace of Saint Giobatti, a charm against petrification according to Volpone.

Anyone who wants to add a write up of their adventure to the campaign log gets inspiration for their next Brancalonia adventure.


Thank you @Martin @Cospitularia @Zerleger @Titan and @Burek for playing at my table; hope you all enjoyed.

You have successfully completed that rather mundane task of picking up the ancient dwarven tomes for Mr. Nostros and managed to survive a cursed nursery rhyme book while you were at it. After much mandatory music, you squashed the evil spirit and lifted the curse of Shimshime. In addition to your normal pay, the scribes of Candlekeep have also rewarded you in gratitude for taking care of the problem.


Story Rewards:

  • @Burek After many years of longing, you have finally found a father figure to look up to. The thought of Gerald’s pride in you strengthens your resolve. You may now add your proficiency bonus to saving throws against being frightened or charmed.
  • @Zerleger As part of your reward, the scholars at Candlekeep are willing to help you looking into a solution for your hair problem. If you would like, you can spend 2 Downtime days to acquire this knowledge and regain your pride as a dwarf.

Hello everybody from yesterday Brancalonia adventure. I bring you diaries of Wee Redheaded Olive von Den what described how she saw it :slightly_smiling_face: But first I’ll post our GROUP PHOTO :slight_smile:


Olive’s Diaries: Hunting down the Regal Herb to cure the unfortunate Tristan da Pra - part one - by DM @xaosseed

A star has been born

The tiefling that was watching us “rolled a fatal fail.” dnd-wee-Olive-002_0001_0004

How the bartender sees it when Gnome wants to pay :smiley: dnd-wee-Olive-002_0001_0005

The advantage of Gnome is to have short legs


Olive’s Diaries: Hunting down the Regal Herb to cure the unfortunate Tristan da Pra - part twoe - by DM @xaosseed

[it’s all true and that’s how it really happened]

Final brawl battle vs Tabaxi bandits:


These drawings are so cute :blush: thanks for sharing :sparkling_heart:

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Happy for me too. I really enjoy drawing comics (that’s how it actually started) while playing! :))) The evening was great, I enjoyed it and thank you very much for the game and to DM for playing it with us.


I totally forgot that! :see_no_evil: I wrote about the were-boar adventure…

Just a little backstory: “Ivan Gorchev, sailor on the freight ship ‘Rangoon’, was not yet twenty-one when he won the Nobel Prize in physics. To win a scientific award at such a romantically young age is un- precedented, though some people might consider the means by which it was achieved a flaw. For Ivan Gorchev won the Nobel Prize in physics in a card game, called macao, from a Professor Bertinus, on whom the honour had been bestowed in Stockholm by the King of Sweden a few days earlier. But those who are always finding fault don’t like to face facts, and the fact of the matter is that Ivan Gorchev did win the Nobel Prize at the age of twenty-one…”

(P. Howard - The 14 Carat Car) 14Carat.pdf (382.6 KB)

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