Dungeon Magazine

A friend informed me that the old Dungeon magazine is available on archive.org, I’m not sure if it’s all issues, but there are plenty.
Maybe that’s interesting or useful for somebody.



This is amazing, thank you very much for sharing!

Really nice, thanks! Tons of content in these!

Nice, thanks @irx!

I’d be quite curious,
1.) how much preparation would it take for a gm to “translate” content from (especially) older issues for current use (e.g. not only changing monster stats, but adding more role-playing possibility to combat-heavier adventures, etc.)
2.) How would current players react to adventures, which were considered “classical” at that time, under current expectations?

Sweet! Thanks, irx! There’s some really fun stuff in the pages Dungeon. For a while, it’s where a lot of the game’s creativity could be found once published modules started their decline.

1.) Probably depends on the level? New school D&D is basically what used to be considered mid-level play. The low-level stuff would probably be pretty hard to translate; that sort of thing doesn’t really exist any more in 5th ed. There wasn’t all that much really high-level stuff in Dungeon anyway, if memory serves. The mid-level scenarios, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t be that difficult to translate if you really felt the need to do so.

2.) Given the popularity of remakes like Ravenloft: ecstatically?

In any case, if anybody wants to play some of this stuff in its original form, I’d be happy to run a thing or two one of these weeks.

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Nice to see there is still interest :slight_smile:

I have the full set of Dungeon and Dragon magazines I downloaded somewhere some years ago. I am happy to share if anyone is interested and has any ideas how (only the Dragon Mag file is over 5G’s).

@S_journ There is no direct formula/table, it would be easier building an adventure within the same framework narrative. Goodman games published some old DnD modules for the 5e. These ‘reincarnated’ modules include the original publications, so the changes can be observed.
Here is a link: https://goodman-games.com/store/product-category/original-adventures-reincarnated/

2- Good question. Many of the old adventures are railroady and would need some redesigning. I for one would like to see some more of the old settings brought back - dark sun, planescape etc. There is quite a bit of talk that Dragonlance will see the light this year, if not then one of the other goldies…

Hmmmm! That sounds fun!

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Here is an “anybody”, maybe we find a few other ones and fitting night and give it a try!

I’m not just anybody, but I’d be interested as well :slight_smile:

@H offering to kill us all? My curiosity is piqued :slight_smile:

Insert image of Tersidian rolling a 20 on his ‘Read Between the Lines’ roll here.

I am good for it…(dusting my PH and thinking of a backup character…just in case :slight_smile: )

honestly with you … a nat 1 on Sense Motive probably would still be enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Im guessing it’ll be online @H ?
When and where? :wink:

If there’s a chair I’d join the party gladly.
Revisiting the Old Times has a magnetic touch :blush:

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The next game is going to be all about fluffy bunnies and stuff. Oh, wait, last time I tried that, the bunnies wound up trying to slaughter everyone …

Well, it’s either that or we all open our windows and shout really loud …

Let’s take this to PMs so as not to derail this thread even further. Cheers!