Dune: Desertfall [Online/English] Looking for players

Hello everybody, I would like to run an introductory Dune game on Discord as a way to introduce myself to the community as well. I am looking for up to 5 players to join me at the dunes of Arakis. the game in question is called Desert all and he is the synopsis:

The Atreides are taking over the coveted spice production in Arakis but before the Duke and his family can board the Heighliner the Duke’s agents will be sent in advance in order to prepare the planet for the Atreides take over. One can only speculate the amount of traps and assassins the Harkonnens hid beneath the sand and between the shadows of Arrakeen palace. However the Baron is just one of the many threats in the desert planet, some are ancient as time itself. The golden path is being set. Will the prophecy be fulfilled ? The spice must flow!

I am thinking to run the game at someday on the week of 12th of September after 18:00 (Vienna time).

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Hello, greetings I am a huge Dune nerd and you can count me tf in. If you’ll take me ofc :slight_smile:

This is such an exciting concept I’ve been wanting to dabble into myself!

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Looking forward for having you on board. I am looking to having at least 3 players so if you know anyone that might be interested they are welcome to join :slight_smile:

You can find me in the forum discord server @Harkonnen if you have any questions or would like to discuss the time and day for the game.

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